The SINTRIX Rod Range

The SINTRIX Rod Range


The SINTRIX Rod Range

Years of development with fibres, resin levels and manufacturing processes, have allowed Hardy to produce three separate versions of SINTRIX® material. Each version offers significant benefits in strength and lightness over traditional carbon fibre.

This has resulted in a series of exceptional fly rods, with ascending levels of power, performance and refinement.


The Artisans are very special fly rods – Made in Alnwick, England, the blanks are rolled one at a time, and carefully finished by hand with the finest components from around the world. The Artisan brings together the latest SINTRIX® technology with fine finishing and a beautifully smooth, progressive casting action.


Zenith SINTRIX is a versatile, high performance freshwater single handed fly rod range with nineteen models ranging from an 8′ #3 to a 10′ #8. One-piece rods are also available.

Zenith Double Handed

Super fast action Salmon rods, with shorter Scandi-style handles and capable of dealing with a much wider range of line weight, these are the ultimate in Salmon rods.


Saltwater single handed fly rod range with seven models ranging from a 9′ #6 to a 9′ #12. Designed for hard-fighting saltwater species like Tarpon and Bonefish. These rods are four piece but with five models also available in one piece versions.


The most recently developed rod to use SINTRIX, the Jet is a light, easy to use fly rod built on a SINTRIX® blank for improved strength and durability. Refined middle-to-tip actions make these rods a joy to cast.

Best in test!

Hardy SINTRIX® fly rods are the best rods we have ever produced. Are they the best fly rods in the world? That's for you to decide. Try them at our official Hardy SINTRIX® dealers.



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