Tenkara in Rena, Norge

Tenkara in Rena, Norge

1656045_645600705507092_2059919397_nTenkara in Rena, Norge
Tore Rydgren shows “Tenkara in Rena“.

Naš FB drugar iz Norveške Tore lovi na reci Reni velike lipljane koji dovoljno priđu obali pa se mogu uloviti ovom tehnikom! Bravo

Videti u originalu post s videom na kraju!

Tenkara is an easy Japanese fly fishing technique where you only uses the rod , line and fly. The technique are originated from the Samurais in the Japanese mountains.

This technique is best for small rivers and streams, but you can also use it in larger rivers.

The disadvantage is the short throw distance, you have to sneak up close to the fish in order to present the fly.

The advantage is a featherweight presentation with minimal risk of scaring the fish. It is also easy to influence the presentation of the fly after it has landed on the water. This can be advantageous when you present a swimming pupa or other imitations in the water film.

There are exiting to get close to a big fish, presenting the fly and see it take at close distance.

Tore Rydgren

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