SBS: Gurgler

SBS: Gurgler

SBS: Gurgler
by Lee Haskin

Jedan od najlovnijih strimera – gurgler u plivajućoj varijanti (Po ideji Lee Haskina). Dobra imitacija za lov velikog broja predatora u slatkim i slanim vodama, samo treba prilagoditi veličinu ciljanoj ribi!

Na njih sam lepo lovio bucove, štuke (veći strimeri) i potočne pastrmke

Original: Materials List

Hook: Mustad 34011 OW; size 1, 1/0
Thread: White and Red 3/0 Uni-fhread, or Kevlar
Tail: Silver Flashabou, Holographic, or similar
Underbody: Medium Pearl Crystal Chenille, (Option: silver or White)
Foam Overbody: White or Yellow Evazote Foam
Collar Support: 18 Lb. Hard Mason Leader, Tied with red thread
Throat: Red Flashabou

Tying Instructions

  1. Attach 30-40 strands of silver Flashabou at bend to form tail. Cut blunt. (Fig 2) Approx. 1/2 to 1/3 the shank length. Note: tail may also be bucktail, or hackles or combinations of each.2. Attach Medium Crystal Chenille at rear end of shank, over tail wrap. (Fig. 3)
  2. Wrap chenille forward, covering tail wraps. Don’t crowd eye! (Fig. 4)
  3. Cut Foam: 1/2″ x 2 6/8″. Cut a strip 1/8″ on each side, to be tapered from the point where if is attached at the rear end of the shank. (Fig. 5&6)
  4. Attach foam to shank at chenille tie-off point. (Fig. 7)
  5. Tie in small clump of red Flashabou.
  6. Clip thread and retie thread at rear end of shank/chenille.
  7. Pull Foam back and tie off at rear end of shank/chenille. Secure wrap, finish and clip. (Fig. 8&9)
  8. Tie in Red Thread. Pull foam forward and tie down in front of previous ties, just behind the eye. Make sure that both layers of foam are centered over hook shank. There should be approx. 1/4″-3/8″ of foam extending over the eye. Tie down foam to hook. (Fig. 10)
  9. Tie in a small loop of 18 lb. mono, to support foam head, so that it lays on the back of the head. (Fig. 11)
  10. Option: Fill underside with Softex or Goop, for durability. Add a thin film on back of bug. Shape head round, or oval. (Fig. 13)

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