SBS: Emerger buzera

SBS: Emerger buzera

SBS: Emerger buzera
Hot Arsed Quill Shuttlecock

Od našeg povremenog saradnika Ričarda Svobode smo dobili jedan interesantan SBS izrade veoma dobre imitacije emergera buzera, koji će i na našim vodama dobro “raditi”.

Original: Hot Arsed Quill Shuttlecock

The shuttlecock is widely used throughout the U.K. in stillwater trout fishing. It is supposed to represent an emerging buzzer (chironomid). Shuttlecocks can be tied in many ways with this tie I have opted for the quill version with the flourescent tag (known in the U.K. as a hot arse). This a very popular tying and accounts for many fish when conditions are favourable.

I will first run through the stuff required for this tie

So you will need some Cul de Canard, some peacock herl, an eraser,  some dubbing, thread, glo brite, and some varnish and just some basic tools…….and of course a vice


The hooks I will be using for this S.B.S. are Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry 35050, size 12. Generally I would say size 12 is the biggest size I would tie this and the smallest size16/18. I am using a size 12 here as I think this will be better for the photography aspect.


So, first of all set your hook in your vice and catch on your thread

Next choose a strong piece of herl and strip it using an eraser

Then catch on the stripped herl and glo-brite thread and bring the thread down the hook

Then wind the glo-brite to make a tag (or hot arse), then trim off the surplus. Here I am using glo-brite #5

Then bring the thread up to just a little before the eye, you can also use the thread to build up a taper should you wish one

Now wrap the stripped peacock herl to about the same position a little in behind the eye

At this point trim the surplus.

It is now at this point I usually varnish the fly, as it saves all the mess and trouble with doing it later on.

Next it’s time for the C.D.C.  Select some plumes and line them up by the tips. The amount needed is obviously dependant on a few factors, hook size and gauge and the quality of the C.D.C. itself etc. But here I have used approximately eight.

Once you have the C.D.C. secure, dub on a little dubbing. Here I am using a Wapsi blend. But you could make your own – Perhaps some seals fur and something to give it a little “spike” like squirrel tail, or some guard hairs from a hare ?

Then you about finished, just perform a whip finish, which I usually do under the eye.

Here are some additional photos:

Photos and text: Richard Swoboda
Priredio za objavu Ivan Korhner



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