Potočna pastrva – Dalien

Potočna pastrva – Dalien

potocara Gacka web

Daniel Vignjević – Dalien, Hrvatska, Potočna pastrva 60cm, Rijeka Gacka, Hrvatska 18. jun 2014.

Pribor i oprema: Štap: Scierra ANT #6 9,1 ft rod, rola: XDP 5-6 reel, struna: Tactical HMT sinking line i predvez 0,20 mm Scierra,

Mušica: crni zonker,


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Here is one beautifully marked brown trout specimen from Gacka river caught by our croatian consultant Dalien.
“I was using ANT #6 rod, XDP+ reel, HMT sinking line combined with a nice black rabbit hair streamer. The key to catching brown trout is definitely fishing deep near submerged grass and make them react to streamer. With a sinking line you don`t have to use a lot weight on the streamer and still maintain deep presentation with natural breathing action of the streamer.”



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