One Fly Event – Winning fly 2014.

One Fly Event – Winning fly 2014.

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One Fly Event – Winning fly 2014.

Tungsten Pheasant Tail

The first question my guide, Curt Hamby, asked me when I met up with him Sunday morning at the South Fork was what technique I was most comfortable fishing day-in and day-out. That was a refreshing start to my One Fly, as I could tell he had a solution for whatever my answer which isn’t always the case.

I told him I was most comfortable with nymphs and he smiled and pulled out a small box of weighted  Size 14 Tungsten Pheasant Tails that he had woken up and tied at 3:30 am that morning over an strong cup of coffee. He gave me the confident head nod that only years of guiding experience can exude and said “This is the one then”. You could tell there was a lot of goodness wrapped up in what was otherwise a pretty simple pattern. The remarkable thing about this tiny nymph was its capacity to turn the big fish just as easily as the smaller variety. And just like a great pair of Chuck Taylors, the more worn out it got, the better it seemed to perform.

It was right about mid afternoon when a deep drift in a side pocket produced the “big pull” which turned out to be the tournament big fish — a  21 and 1/4″ specimen. We raised 18 fish (8 measurable) on Curt’s Tungsten Pheasant Tail that day.  – John Holland

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