Najbolji proizvodi iz oblasti mušičarenja na poslednjem Efttex-u u Budimpešti

Najbolji proizvodi iz oblasti mušičarenja na poslednjem Efttex-u u Budimpešti

Najbolji proizvodi iz oblasti mušičarenja na poslednjem Efttex-u u Budimpešti
Best products on Efttex 2017 in Budapest

Najbolji proizvodi na Efttex-u 2017 održanom u Budimpešti.

Mušičarski štap – SALT HD – SAGE

The Salt HD line-up of rods are constructed differently – each with a purpose.

The fast-moving inhabitants of the salt require anglers to make quick shots and even quicker second shots. With the introduction of KonneticHD Technology, the SALT HD puts situational tools in hand to increase your chances of success.

PRICE: Above €300.



A new benchmark in reel design, the Hardy Ultralite MTX is the brand’s first fly reel to feature a hybrid carbon fibre / alloy main frame construction. Strong, light and with a stunning industrial design, the MTX features a carbon fibre drag system with 340 degree colour-coded regulator, captive spool release and high line capacity.

Hybrid carbon fibre / alloy main frame design;

‘Stunning’ industrial design;

Carbon fibre disc drag system;

Colour-coded drag regulator.

PRICE: Above €300.


Mušičarska struna – FLATS PRO LINE – RIO PRODUCTS

The ultimate fly line for every flats, and every flats species. The line features a host of innovative technology and design assets that make it the perfect saltwater line for the tropics.

Easy annealing, low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water;

Low-stretch ‘DirectCore’ for hard, solid strip sets;

Mid-length head and long rear taper for complete line control;

High floating running line that will not sink or impede the cast;

Triple colour SureFire line marking system that takes the guesswork out of accuracy and distance control.

PRICE: Up to €100.


Polarizacione naočale – WX BOSS WITH KRYPTEK – WILEY X EMEA

A Kryptek® pattern frame with the Wiley X world patented Facial Cavity™ gasket system.

Gold mirrored amber polycarbonate lenses with full clarity and no distortions, mounted with a Japanese polarised filter with a tolerance of only +/- 3°. For improved comfort, lenses are coated with a scratch resisting, hydrophobic and an anti-reflective coating.

This lightweight wrap-around frame with replaceable lenses kills all back and sidelight.

This eyewear can be delivered to match your personal prescription.

This product meets ANSI.Z87-2 (US safety standard) and is also certified to EN.166.F (EU safety standard). Limited lifetime warranty.

Protect your eyes with Absolute Premium Protection, says Wiley X.

PRICE: €101 to €199

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