Mrena – Daniel Vignjević

Mrena – Daniel Vignjević

Mrena daniel web

Daniel Vignjević – Dalien, Hrvatska, Mrena (barbus barbus) oko 60cm,

Pribor i oprema: Štap Scierra HM klase #6, Rola Scierra XDP,

Mušica: Goby strimer na 5g jig glavi,

Ulovljeno na brzaku u pola metra dubine! C&R

„I was fishing the end of a gravel bar that had super fast flowing water and only about half meter depth. I saw barbel chasing minnows on the very drop, but the flow was so fast I could`t get no standard weighted streamer down, so I took a goby imitation tied on a 5 gr jig head. I placed it upsterm and let the current take it to the twilight zone..The very next moment my XDP reel started screaming and HM #6 rod got strained to the max. It was intense fly fishing experience I will not forget that soon…“

Video materijal kada je ulovio ovu mrenu i kasnije klena


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