Makazice kao šesti prst

Makazice kao šesti prst


Makazice kao šesti prst
6th Finger Fly Tying Scissors

You can always tell a pro tyer from an amateur by whether or not they put their scissors down or keep them in their hand after use. A pro tyer never puts his/her scissors down, instead they leave them in their hand so they’re always at the ready, allowing them to tie faster.

While some scissors which are designed to be held at all times have been on the market for some time, they are often bulky, restricting the tyer’s hand from performing the basic tasks associated with fly tying.

The Sixth Finger Scissors are unique as the small diameter ring allows your fingers to have a full range of motion while tying.

Sa sajta:

scissors_cut_position scissor_thumb_cut scissor_holster scissor_handflex

Price: $20.00

Korišćenje makazica možete videti u ovom video klipu – izrada Wooly bugger-a
Shown tying an estaz wooly bugger

Foto i video: Internet


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