Magnetic Rod Guard

Magnetic Rod Guard


Magnetic Rod Guard
Magnetski držač štapa

Sitnica (gedžet) koja će vam dobro doći pre i posle mušičarenja – kada se pakujete ili raspakujete kao držač štapa. Jednostavno se koristi!

The Magnetic Rod Guard performs a important task, keeping your fly rod safe!  Nothing ruins the day or the fishing trip like a broken fly rod.  The Magnetic Rod Guard is a handy little device, which solves this problem and keeps your fly rods from breaking and falling over in the wind.

With magnetic feet on each side the Magnetic Rod Guard fits easily around one or several rods and holds them against your vehicle, keeping them secure so they don’t get stepped on, slammed in the car door, or run over.

The Magnetic Rod Guard is also great for picking up dropped flies.  The Rod Guard is the perfect Gadget for seeking out that Parachute Adams you dropped riggin up in the parking.  The Magnetic Rod Guard features super strong magnets that will find any lost fly in the gravel or grass.  Just a little bonus of the Magnetic Rod Guard!

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