Kalifornijska pastrva – Dalien

Kalifornijska pastrva – Dalien

kalifa 60cm vituncica

Daniel Vignjević – Dalien, Hrvatska, Kalifornijska pastrva 60cm, Rijeka Vitunjčica, Hrvatska 13. mart 2014.

Pribor i oprema: Štap: Scierra ANT #6 9,1 ft rod, rola: XDP 5-6 reel, struna: Tactical HMT V2 fly line and predvez 0,20 mm Scierra Copolymer nylon tippet 0,20 mm plivajući,

Mušica: suva


Original on English

“Big fish on a dry fly – it does`t get any better!
Here is the latest report from Dalien: “ Had a most wonderful session fishing Croatia`s river Vitunjčica near Ogulin the other day. That river is famous for it`s huge trout that can be really difficult to catch due to clear water and a lot of brush along the shoreline.
As I arrived on the water I noticed a big hatch of stoneflies and sedges, so I knew big dry fly would be the right presentation in the middle of the day.
Big fish were not to be seen until I found one that was actively feeding on surface, make huge boils along the way.
After several presentations with fish rising all the way to my fly and changing minds in the last split secont my hands were shaking and I was breathing in fumes.
I decided to change color of my fly and right on the next cast she took it with a big swirl – what a rush!
I used heavy outfit for these big fish in demanding water – Scierra ANT #6 9,1 ft rod, XDP 5-6 reel, Tactical HMT V2 fly line and 0,20 mm Scierra Copolymer nylon tippet 0,20 mm becuse it floats.”


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