Cutthroat Trout 51cm – Ken Persson

Cutthroat Trout 51cm – Ken Persson

Ken i zuta pastrmka web1

Angler: Ken Persson, Town Karlskrona, Country Sweden

Catch: Species: Cutthroat trout, Length/Weigth 51cm, Where 11 mile on South platte River Colorado USA, Date 2014. 09. 25.

Tackle: Rod Sameo Globetrotter Jade 7´9” #5, 6-piece, Reel Sameo Pandion XI, Flyline Sameo Python Longbelly #5, Leader Sameo 5x 12 feet, Tippet Sameo SST 7x,

Fly: Hairdressers midge size 22


Ken i zuta pastrmka web

The fish was rising amongst many others on “11 mile” on the South Platte River, Colorado USA, Shallow water close to the brink eating tricos, I lured it with a tine size 22 grey “hairdressers midge”, one fly on the leader 🙂
My first Cutthroat trout! And ofcourse it was released unharmed again in the river 🙂

Have a great day Ivan! Bistro!

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