Body ant

Body ant

Kick ass ant glava

Body ant
The Kick-Ass Ant (original)

Sada u avgustu su mravi logičan izbor. Evo jednog koji se lako pravi od foam štapića.

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Materials List:
Hook: Tiemco 2487 or Daiichi 1130
• fine wire, wide gape scud hook.
• #14 for small fly, #10 for the large.

Foam: Black Rainy's Float Foam
• Small size for small fly, Medium size for large

Thread: Black 6/0 or Danville Monocord

Hackle: Black hackle tips

Wings: Tiemco hook bag plastic
• scratched and trimmed to strips.

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The Kick-Ass Ant was created more than 15 years ago to mimic the flying Carpenter Ant hatch at central Oregon's Hosmer Lake. Over the years, the fly has been responsible for hundreds of fish to the net, topped by an incredible eight-pound rainbow.

For more than a few seasons, the Kick-Ass was often the top producing fly – taking the most fish, at the most fisheries, in the widest variety of conditions.

The truth is: trout simply relish ants. Nearly every book on trout fly fishing mentions the effectiveness of ant patterns. Some experienced anglers list the ant as a top-three pattern.

Ants are also cripple patterns – insects helplessly trapped in the water's surface film. Fish recognize these insects as easy prey and eat them aggressively.

Finally, as you can see by the illustrations below, large and small Kick-Ass flies are very similar in size and shape to aquatic insects such as caddis, and even can be taken as terrestrial (“earthbound”) insects blown into the water. Fish are very opportunistic eaters.

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