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Barbless udice Knapek

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Why barbless?

The reply for competitors in flyfishing is simple: Because competitive rules exclude artificial flies on barbed hooks. But trend to fishing with artificial flies on barbless hooks is already increasingly evident in flyfisherdom nowadays. There are doubtless reasons for that – practical as well as ethical.

Setting into fish jaw is much easier, because resistance of barb towards tissue penetration is eliminated. Result is remarkable decrease of fish „fallen” immediately after setting. Artificial flies tyied on barbless hooks minimize number of hurt fish, because it´s possible to extract fly easily, even without taking fish out from water. This is appreciated especially by flyfishermen angling according to a principle „Catch and release”.

Objection that fish may be frequently lost while landing is controversial. Above all, it´s flyfisherman´s fishing skill and special construction of Knapek´s hooks as well, which minimize this possibility.

Basic characterization of Knapek´s barbless hooks: reversed sticky sharp – eagle claw – point, mechanically and chemically sharpened. All hooks presented here are made of certificated high-carbon steel, the bend of hooks is forged, surface treatment – Black.–pack-/-251/stranka-1.aspx

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