27th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for the year 2014.

27th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for the year 2014.

rzs_mali27th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for the year 2014.

Flyfishing section of theSlovenian Fishing Association (SFA or in Slovenian RZS- Ribiska Zveza Slovenije) is announcing the 27th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for the year 2014.

Tyers participate in following categories:

1. Dry Flies
2. Nymphs & Wet Flies
3. Streamers
4. Realistic Flies

Conditions of participation are:

1.Each flytyer is allowed to compete in each of the categories with one fly only, which must be sent in 2 samples. The chosen fly should not be a part of the tyers participation in any of his/her previous tying competitions.

2.Package with each sample should contain:

· Name of the fly (Known or new);
· Password to prove the fly's origin;
· Description of used materials (Recipe);
· Size and type of the hook used;
· Name of the animal that is being imitated (if possible a photograph as well! *This only considers category – Realistic Flies)

Jury will automatically reject all samples that will contain natural insect parts (such as wings, legs, etc) as a part of the fly!

In the accompanying letter tyers must write their name, address, e-mail, telephone number, country for which they compete, names of the flies and passwords. Letter should be in the enclosed envelope together with the fly. Copies of those letters must be kept by the authors until the end of the competition.

4. For the judging of flies jury will consider the following criteria:

·Proportions of the fly,
· firmness and technical aspect of the tying,
· suitability of the chosen materials,
· general impression and
· innovativeness;
· in the 4th category »imitating level« will be the most important criterion!

Jury holds the right to classify samples in different categories if necessary!

Decision of the jury is final!

7. Jury will consider all samples that will reach the following address by the 31st January 2014

8. Patterns should be sent to the following address:
Ribiska Zveza Slovenije (for competition 2014)
Trzaska 134
1001 Ljubljana SLOVENIA

Considering previous criteria jury will impart the best 3 flies in each category with practical prizes, licences for the best Slovenian fly fishing districts and diplomas. All participants will be previously informed about their achievements.

FAS-Flyfishing Section President: Luka Hojnik

President FAS: dr. Miroslav Žaberl

preuzeto sa: http://www.flyfish-slovenia.com



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