One Fly Event – Winning fly 2016.

One Fly Event – Winning fly 2016.

2016 – Sculptinator

Several years ago I caught 2 large cutthroats eating large sculpins and i thought that it would be nice to develop a better sculpin pattern for use in the One Fly. At about the same time the fish skull sculpin helmets became available and i thought it would be great to develop a One Fly pattern utilizing weighted heads, which slide over the hook just like a cone head I have used the pattern at least 1 day during the event for the last 4 years, making modifications each year. As we al know, in order to have a good day during the event the starts have to align — the fly, the river section, and most importantly the guide. Last year I fortunate to have Cam Hopkins and Ed Emory put me on to nice fish all day long — Drew Miller

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