Grifit Gnat

Grifit Gnat


Grifit Gnat
The Griffith’s Gnat

Izuzetna suva mušica, koja se lako pravi. Možete je raditi na skoro svim veličinama udica. Kada se malo namasti pliva na površini vode i kupi je i pastrmka koja iskače kada se hrani. Rado je uzima i lipljan.

Odlična je za brzake, mada i na zategnutoj vodi je grabi riba! Preporuka!

Materijal potreban za izradu:

Hook: size 14 -26 (any fine wire fly hook)
Thread: 12/0 black
Body: Peacock herl – Paunovi isperci
Hackle: Grizzle (genetic capes are best for this fly)

Lako se pravi. Postavi se na udicu osnovni konac u crnoj boji, kojim se vežu isperci iz pra pauna. od kojih se pravi telo. Grizli pero (najbolje je genetsko) se veže tako da se palmeruje po celom telu. Od osnovnog konca se napravi glava i veže završni čvor.

Često se menjaju boje tela i boje nogica, a zna se dodati i neki atraktor detalj (repić od fleša, crvena glava, …). Napravite i vi svoju varijantu Gnata.

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Tying tip: Start your thread and wind back to the bend. Prepare a grizzle hackle feather and tye it in. I add a drop of diluted head cement too the tye-in point, and let dry this stops the hackle pulling out and makes the fly a bit more durable.
The Griffiths Gnat has become a truly classic dry fly pattern that can imitate many of the items that are on a trout’s menu. I love flies with peacock herl in the dressing and this is a great fly that will take trout after trout. This fly was first designed as an emerging or adult midge or as a midge cluster pattern and for me it is a fly that every trout angler should carry in their fly box whether they fish on Stillwater’s, loughs or rivers. The fly was invented by an American fly fishing legend Mr George A. Griffith who to his immense credit was the founder of Trout Unlimited in 1959, which is America’s leading trout and salmon conservation organization that does fantastic work, and now has over 140000 members. The Griffiths Gnat’s beauty also lies in its use of simple and common fly tying materials to produce one of the world’s most effective dry flies. This fly will work right though the season at any time when trout are feeding on small insects, it’s a must have pattern.


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